Month: July 2018

How to Avoid Becoming a Shopping Addict

Ever wondered why there is never a day in time when shopping malls are empty? Deeper analysis will show you that, there are certain customers who are well-known in certain shopping outlets for three main reasons:

  • They always want to keep up with the latest fashion trends
  • They believe in being the first ones to buy from any new stock
  • They buy in bulk

Shop owners love such customers, as they can make quick sales by having such a client base.In this article people who love shopping are referred to as “shopaholics”

Characteristics of a shopaholic:

These kinds of people:

  • They have tendency to buy what they don’t need
  • They prefer spending their time visiting different shops to see what’s on offer
  • They are best known for always wanting to buy things in bulk
  • Cannot do without any form of shopping per day.
  • They always love it when other people acknowledge their new collection
  • These people always want to stand out in a crowd
  • Some of them rarely take time to clear their wardrobes or houses of what they no longer need.
  • They love holding to stuff just for them to feel good about what they own.
  • They can buy more that two items that are similar in design

The above features are what defines a shopaholic.

Being a “shopaholic” is not in any way different from being addicted to substances. As such it is better to avoid becoming addicted to shopping at all costs.This so because just the way alcoholics tend to divert all their earnings to alcohol,”shopaholics” also have the same tendency of diverting their earnings into shopping for items they could do without.

How then can one avoid becoming a shopaholic?

There are various strategies that one can use in life to avoid becoming a shopping addict. These include:

  • Having a monthly budget for the required essentials
  • Avoid going shopping accompanied by people who also love to shop without limits
  • Not always wanting to buy in a specific shop.This will keep shop owners from calling you every time when they receive fresh stock
  • Avoid spending a lot of money, by buying items such as clothes and shoes when they are no longer in fashion
  • Avoid shopping online at all costs
  • Endeavor to buy items using cash and not a credit card as this can keep you from falling into debts.

In case you already are a shopaholic, seek professional advice on how to develop proper shopping strategies. It is not wrong to seek help from friends and family members, especially those who can go with you shopping with the sole aim of keeping your shopping spree in check.

Benefits of Online Quotes

Benefits Of Online Insurance Quotes

Americans love to use the Internet. Yet, we are still pretty conservative when it comes to getting insurance policies. However, there may be a good way to blend new technology and personal service. That is where the best online quotes come in!

Online Quotes Are Faster

In the past, before the web became so popular, it could be very time consuming to do a good job of shopping for insurance. You may have had to pick up the phone, call several different agents, and answer dozens of questions. Each phone call would take several minutes, and so this process could take hours.

In fact, many people stuck with their old insurer because they figured that shopping around for a new policy would cause them to waste time, and it may even produce a lot of anxiety. Many agents, eager to sell policies, would make it very difficult for a new prospect to get off the phone!

Today, you can find some very sophisticated web quoting systems that are fast and easy to use. You simply fill in your information one time in order to pull up quotes for a variety of policies you can qualify for.

Online Quotes Give You Choices

Some quote systems have been developed by individual insurance companies in order to attract new customers. Others are independent of one particular company, and these allow you to see quotes from a variety of local companies. In my opinion, the ability to be able to answer questions one time, and then see multiple companies, is a big advantage.

You can answer a few simple questions that help qualify you for a specific type of policy. The responses to these questions help the system match you with local insurance companies that have already asked to do business with potential customers like you.

This can save the shoppers and the insurance companies a lot of time and money.

You Can Still Get Personal Service

The quote systems are free. This means that you still keep the right to make the final choice. You are absolutely free to get more information, purchase a policy from one of the companies, or keep your old insurance. You may find a better deal, but you may find that your old insurer is very competitive after all.

You will be given contact information so you can also call or email an agent or company representative for more information. Insurance is a complicated topic, and you may want to ask some questions to help you decide.

Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds

In my opinion, the ability to use technology to reduce your shopping time is the main benefit. You are still able to call, email, or visit with a local agent in order to get the personal service that is still very important. Instead of calling several agents, you can reduce your task to calling one or two! You just may be able to cut the number of personal calls down, but you do not have to cut them out completely!

Men’s Sunglasses – Take Your Pick!

The Metro sexual male of today invests in men’s sunglasses as he does in his clothes, shoes and other accessories. He often makes his style statement from his choice of men’s sunglasses. Gone are the days when manufacturers of sunglasses spent all their energies, time and money on designing only women’s sunglasses. In recent times, manufacturers who have their fingers on the pulse of the market have realized that men can be as style conscious as women. In fact, there is a huge market out there, for both men’s sunglasses as well as women’s sunglasses.

There are a variety of frames and lenses available, to suit each customer’s pocket. You also have a wide choice of shapes, sizes and styles. Cheap men’s sunglasses are normally made out of stainless steel frames and glass or plastic lenses. Cheap women’s sunglasses, on the other hand, are normally made from plastic frames and lenses. Plastic frames are not very durable, while stainless steel frames are heavy and sit awkwardly on the face, leaving a mark on the bridge of the nose and a cut on the top of the ear. Glass lenses, though reasonable scratch-proof, are dangerous as they can break easily. Plastic lenses are cheap but not as clear as glass. Ideally, a good pair of men’s sunglasses as also women’s sunglasses should be scratch resistant and should protect the eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Expensive sunglasses are normally made from titanium frames and polycarbonated lenses. They come in many styles, shapes and sizes. Wraparound sunglasses are very popular among sports persons, bike riders and those who need to make jerky movements in the course of their work, while there are rimless and aviator sunglasses for normal daily use. The shape of sunglasses should be picked based on the facial structure of the person wearing them. You have gradient lenses which have permanent shading and which enable you to see clearly in different types of light. Then there are polarized lenses which will provide you maximum protection from glare and transition lenses which will adjust the tint depending on the light. The choice is, indeed, wide.

The good news is that men’s designer sunglasses and women’s designer sunglasses no longer cost the earth. They are no longer sold exclusively from fancy, upmarket novelty stores. You can take your pick of all kinds of cheap and designer sunglasses, for men and women, from a number of online e-commerce sites at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Meaningful Ways to Improve Your Online Shopping Cart System

The exact reality of e-Commerce websites according to recent e-commerce survey is that at least 59% (as per ‘Marketing Sherpa’) and 62.14% (as per ‘Market Live’) of potential customers are abandoning their shopping carts with no reason or some minor reasons. So, what are the reasons that are forcing the customers to abandon the shopping carts more frequently? Are designers of e-Commerce applications or websites the reason? Or, are there any other common guidelines or thumb rules that make it more difficult for the customers to purchase the products online?

To make your e-Commerce website profitable and improve online conversion rate, each website owner should make sure that the online shopping cart is easy to use, has good cart efficiency, design and usability. On top of everything, the shopping cart should have a secure checkout process. All these are the crucial steps in setting up a good shopping cart system. Setting up an efficient and effective shopping cart system is very essential for all the website owners and they need to offer variety of products in their website to attract the users and make the options user-friendly. If the website is user-friendly and if the website’s payment gateway is secure, it will not only improve sales but will lead to big purchases as well.

Some meaningful ways that will help in improving the adaptation rates of the products:

• Provide a user-friendly site and easy options to create online accounts.
• Display the benefits of creating an account at the right time so that the user feels comfortable to visit your site and looks in for buying things.
• Always satisfy the user with big options and offers.
• Satisfying your customer should be your first priority. After that, the focus should be on satisfying the needs of the marketing department.
• Don’t force users to finish the order as this creates lot of friction and anxiety in their mind.
• After accomplishing a sale, make sure that the customer is at the most co-operative point.
• The checkout options should be easy and convenient so that the users can process their payments without any hurdles.
• The payments should be done through a secured Payment gateway.
• There should be a completely linear Checkout Process/options.
• Should offer a continuous checkout option without forcing the users to fill out sensitive information at the very beginning of buying process.
• Understanding your customers comfort will help in gaining more customers.
• Add incentives in every sale to retrieve your future special offers. This will help you to build a valuable lasting online relationship.

In addition to the above, e-Commerce owners should concentrate on A/B testing which is highly recommended for shopping carts systems to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate by running a user test to conclude why users leave their carts midway and which way the owners can generate a highest conversion rate. So, this will definitely help the e-Commerce owners to determine the reasons why the customers abandon their carts and how you can make the necessary adjustments when this happens.

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3 Significant Steps to Make Your Customers Come Back to Your Retail Store

One of the primary pillars upon which most of the retail stores thrive upon happen to be customer satisfaction. And for achieving that there are a number of factors that come into play like the quality of products, price, complaint management and staff interaction.

In fact, it has been revealed through research that almost 65-70 percent of the customers can leave and never return to your outlet because of the interaction of your staff at the store. But there is nothing to be worried about, this can be controlled by the owner or the manager of the space.

You can work this out by keeping a subtle eye and practising keen observation and taking into account what is working for your business and what is not. It is through reinforcement of the positives and detection and retraining the negatives that can help you to get along with your business.

Consumers are always on the lookout of an elusive and great customer service. They talk about it on the social media, with friends and relatives and in reviews on the internet. Since your business is to a great extent based on relationships, it is vital that every customer gets a great in-store experience in order to make them come back again and again.

Here are some of the ways with the help of which you can make people come back to your shop time and again and purchase more.

    • Go Through the Store Every Day – There are certain ways to go about retailing. If you find your associates getting confused with the placement of the goods then it is time to go for this exercise once again. It is mandatory for every person at every shift, each and every day to go for the entire shop-strolling. You will be able to understand which areas of the floor require attention and where the former products have been removed through this.


    • Lookout for Ways to Interact with the Customers –Body language plays a crucial role in determining how we communicate with each other. So it is vital to know how customers perceive the body language. An associate rolling her eyes at the customer’s question is as poorly perceived as the one who crosses his arms. An associate who tries to invade the personal space of a customer does not score high on the person’s list of interactions.


  • Acknowledge Your Customers – If you watch how the customers enter the shop you will notice three ways – the customer has just come in to take a stroll and is enjoying being in your store or she has come up with a mission to buy something urgently or it may be the case that the customer needs some help urgently. Each of these customer notes the perceived time according to the clock in her head. You can go for asking the customer how long it took for an associate to respond to her and she may reply in five minutes even though in reality it was just 60 to 90 seconds. This is perceived time and it can work in the favour of the retail. You can train your associates to address each type of customer accordingly and recheck frequently when required. You can smile and engage in interaction with the customers whenever you come about 5-7 feet of the customer. This can give them a great experience every time they enter your store.

The above are some of the ways in which you can make customers come back to your shop resulting in greater customer satisfaction and more sales for your business.