Build Your Website With CMS and Do Something About SEO

Maybe you have always found out many pretty websites which are designed to show a cool flash or huge image, but they will be difficult to be searched in some main search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and so on. Why? Just like sometime you want to search the homepage of a company, but finally you get a list of advertisements or comments about this company. You must be puzzled, because you did search the information about this company by the name of it.

It is a truth that you have to do some SEO job if you want to make your website can be searched easily, or in other words, you want to make your website to be shown as the first search result in the result list when search engineer’s users enter the keywords about your website.

In fact, it is too difficult to build a new website for a webmaster whom knows little about HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX and JavaScript. But now you can use many popular CMS (content management system) to build the whole of the website. For example, Joomla!, Durpal and WordPress are popular CMS based on PHP, they can help you set up your website and do some optimize. By the help of CMS, you can add new users, articles and mulmedia documents into your website easily. Besides, you can also add some kinds of plug-ins and mudules to achieve many special functions such as Authentication Control, C2C Shoping Cart and so on.

Especially, you can also change the templates by the CMS in order to beautify your website. And you can also modify some settings to optimize your website. Usually we will make the URLs more friendly to search engine, and set the keywords and description of the website.