Best Time Management Tips

Looking for the BEST Time-Management Tips? Here they are! More on the way!

Take Action! – By getting something done we clear it from our list, it lightens our concerns, diminishes complexity, and frees up a vast amount of mental energy. Few things create greater physical and mental energy than a sense of accomplishment and completion. We feel like heroes, we like ourselves better, feel more worthy, and we take this energy, excitement and sense of increased confidence into the next task. String a few these together in fairly close proximity, and you create a sense of momentum which makes all successive tasks seem lighter. So working this time management tool not only helps you save time, it gives you a powerful psychological boost. Furthermore, being seen as someone who takes charge and gets things done can take months or years off the amount of time it might take you to progress in your career track – saving you even more time.

Take Only Productive Action – Many people confuse activity (moving about) with productivity (actually creates value or desired reward). The two couldn’t be farther apart. This is one of the greatest overall time wasters in business and costs companies a significant chunk of their profits. People just don’t understand this concept of high-value vs. low value (or no value) tasks. If I am paying you $20 per hour – is what you are doing producing this much income or more? (* In reality, because the benefits, expenses, and risk, you really need to be generating $2.00 worth of profit per $1.00 of income, minimally) This is the way you would think if you owned your own small business and wanted to be able to pay both the bills and yourself at the end of the week. So why don’t we teach this mindset (scale) to our employees? Why indeed. The key is that if you know it and you can act on it – you’ll be more productive, get paid more and save time (my 3 favorite things!). You also save time in this way by noting and eliminating as many no-income or low-income producing tasks as possible.

Pocket Notebook – The humble $.50 pocket notebook is still one the classic greats of time management. The pocket notebook and I were “timesaving best-buddies” for many years and still are. Even with my $300 Pocket PC, I still constantly reach for my pocket notebook to quickly jot down times, information, appointments and phone numbers, that I just can’t get into the Pocket PC quickly enough over the phone or during a conversation. I then later plug this information into the Pocket PC. But there are some things I never put into the Pocket PC, such as, personal notes, ideas and quick to do lists for the day that would get lost in my Pocket PC. If you can’t afford a $300 Pocket PC, grab a $.50 pocket notebook and check it several times a day – it’s a great timesaver and you can’t beat the price! Things that “drop on the floor,” or “fall through the cracks,” are some of the greatest time wasters that plague us. By making good use of organizational tools such as the pocket notebook and Pocket PC we will always look sharp and professional by never missing a date or losing key information. These mistakes cost is major time, money, and damage or overall reputation. Prevention of these losses … priceless!

Buy extra quantities of supplies – This can be a major timesaver. It’s a foolish person who thinks that they are somehow saving money or being frugal by only buying the bare minimum of supplies to get by. Ask yourself this question: Will I use this amount of supplies in the next three to six months? Having this amount of supplies means you will only have to shop for supplies every three to six months. I know people who spent an hour or more at OfficeMax, Staples, Office Depot per week buying supplies because they went too skimpy on their last purchase (in a bizarre attempt to “save money”). Don’t they realize that with a half an hour drive time this adds 50-60 hours per year to their workload compared to shoping quarterly? See how much that equals and wages … and see if you are really “saving money.” Beyond wasting money in this fashion they continually look unprofessional when they reach for a supply and it isn’t there at the most inconvenient time. If you are going to err in any direction, be overstocked on supplies.

The same is true on the home front, make sure you’ve got plenty of supplies so you don’t have to make so many trips to the grocery store. I make sure I have a two to three month supply of all paper goods, dried goods, canned goods, bottled goods (like wine and water), and emergency supplies (just in case).

I once spent a week with my parents on vacation, and now that they are retired, they go to the grocery store almost daily. I find this hysterical, but they don’t think it’s so funny. They complain about having to go to the grocery store all the time, and how absurd it is … but in the car they go for another trip. I think they are just bored … but I don’t have that kind of time to waste… I’m not retired yet!